Hospice Services New Braunfels, TX

At Hope Hospice, we provide residents in New Braunfels and the surrounding communities with compassionate care. Our team of professionals is committed to providing you or your loved one with personalized care plans that manage symptoms and pain appropriately. We work with your providers and our medical staff to coordinate treatment properly. 

What is Hospice Care?

Hopsice Care Services in New Braunfels, TXHospice care is an environment that promotes quality of life for individuals facing a life-limiting illness or condition. Choosing hospice care does not mean giving up, or giving in. Instead, it means choosing to live life on your own terms. Under the care of our team, our specialists will focus on helping to control pain and symptoms. Meanwhile, you and your loved ones can focus on spending time together. We always employ a compassionate, patient-centered approach to provide holistic care that encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual elements for our patients and their families. 

Professionals At Hope Hospice

If you or your loved one choose to receive care from Hope Hospice, you will remain involved in your plan of care. Our patients receive support from a team of professionals to provide guidance for making decisions about their care. This team consists of a hospice physician, your primary physician, a team of registered nurses, certified nurse's aides, spiritual care counselor, a master’s level social worker, and trained volunteers.

Additionally, Hope Hospice helps you cover the cost of the visits from your team, wherever you call home. Hospice covers all related medications, supplies, medical equipment, and appropriate treatments to maximize your comfort.

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Choosing the right hospice care for you or your loved one may bring up questions or concerns that our staff is happy to address. Please call our office with any questions you have or take our quiz to help you determine if hospice care is suitable for your needs. 

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