Seguin TX In-Home Nursing Care Services

Seguin, TX In Home Nursing ServicesWhen someone has a terminal illness, they may require palliative care. Hospices provide in-home nursing services to patients to give them the help they need. A hospice improves their quality of life by placing them in a comfortable environment to manage their symptoms. It's not about giving up, but instead spending time with those close to you and living life on your terms.

What You Can Expect From Nursing Care In Home in Seguin, TX

Home nursing care takes into account the needs of the patient and their loved ones. A team of professionals, including a hospice physician, nurses, volunteers, social workers, and counselors, work together with the patient and their primary physician. Together they guide the patient to develop a care plan for the duration of their stay in hospice.

These in-home nursing services cover expenses for treatment, medication, medical equipment and supplies, and visits from your team. Each plan gets tailored for the patient, so its details are dependent on the condition they have. Some of the services offered by hospice care are:

Nursing Care In Home

All hospice patients receive nurses who visit them one to three days a week. They can also access a 24-hour on-call nurse in case of emergencies.

Therapy And Counseling Services

Hospice patients and their loved ones may require particular therapy or counseling to address issues that come up in treatment. It ranges from emotional or psychological problems to pastoral or spiritual support.

Medication And Medical Equipment

Hospices provide medication to treat the patient's symptoms and specialized equipment to make their home environment comfortable and safe.

Additional Support

Through charity programs and volunteer work, hospices may provide additional assistance to patients who request it.

Put The Patient's Needs First With Nursing Care In Home in Seguin, TX

Opting for a hospice is never an easy decision, but sometimes treating a terminal illness is more burdensome than beneficial—a drain on resources and emotional wellbeing. Hospices offer an environment where the comfort and welfare of the patient are a priority. Find out more on hospice care today for a holistic and peaceful resolution to patient care.