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Coping with a life threatening illness or grief from the death a loved one can be overwhelming. Whether you’re here to learn more about how Hope can help your family as you face a serious illness, or you’re interested in our nationally recognized grief support services, we invite you to explore this site and feel free to call us at (830) 625-7525 or (800) 499-7501 if you need more information.


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It made no difference the time of day or the Hospice Member, whether it was on the phone or in person. They all took the time and made a special effort to counsel, comfort and help all of us understand what was going on.

TWENTY YEARS! That’s how long ERMELINDA HERNANDEZ, CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (CNA) has been with Hope Hospice. Also licensed as a Hospice Palliative CNA, she is a person of extraordinary devotion with a special gift for caring for others. In total, she has spent 35 years in patient care. For 10 years, she worked at a rest home in the panhandle of Texas. In 1995, after working for five years at Kirkwood Manor nursing home in New Braunfels, she called Hope Hospice about a job. She was hired the next day. But, even after 20 years with us, she still has the enthusiasm of someone brand new to the position. “I like taking care of people,” she says. “They are so grateful. You feel like they are your babies; that you can’t abandon them. They make you feel so wanted and needed.” Ermelinda has a special connection to Hope Hospice that goes beyond her work. We cared for her grandmother, her mother and her father. “Hope Hospice helped my family, now I want to help others,” she says. And, It’s important to Ermelinda that things are done right. She is a strong advocate for her patients. Caring for their personal needs in such an intimate way, she feels that “CNAs are their eyes and ears. Sometimes you must SEE things to UNDERSTAND them.” Always aware that she is representing Hope Hospice, she wants things to be done perfectly for her patients and they are so grateful to her. In 20 years, she has seen and experienced a lot. “When I see them pass on, there is a sense of peace; of no more suffering. Some will say that they just talked to their Mom on the other side, or saw their family. You see and feel the comfort they feel.” When Ermelinda is not at work, she loves going to water aerobics and spending time with her husband, 4 children, and 15 year-old grandson. How can we put into words what it means to us at Hope Hospice to know and love Ermelinda? How can we convey the gratitude we feel for her many years of compassionate, devoted care? All we can say is thank you. Thank you and God bless. #WeAreFamily #HopeHospice ...

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If ever there were an Angel on earth, it is MONICA VILLAREAL, CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (CNA). After several years working on a production line at a manufacturing plant near Seguin, she followed her heart into patient care in 2008, working first in a nursing home facility, then in home health, and finally in hospice care. She celebrated her one year anniversary with Hope Hospice on June 30. Of her career change away from manufacturing, Monica says: "I wanted to work hands-on with people, rather than with products. I wanted a career that wasn't just about numbers." She had always been drawn toward helping those in need. If she saw an elderly person struggling with a door, for example, she would rush to help open it. When she happened to be in a hospital or nursing home and saw patients, she wanted to help them, too. When her Uncle was struggling with serious illness and passed away at the age of 37, she saw how hospice helped him and his family. Trained at Kirkwood Manor as a CNA, she was particularly touched by the care she observed Hope Hospice offering its patients there. She saw the attention that we gave; the care provided by our nurses and aides; the kindness of volunteers and chaplains who sat at patients' bedsides reading the Bible aloud and, importantly, she recognized our commitment to making sure that no patient dies alone. She wanted to be part of an organization like ours and now she is. Monica says that everybody asks her "How can you do what you do?" Her answer is clear and heart-felt. "It is rewarding to help those who most need it; to receive a smile or a hug from patients. And every day is different." She has a lot of wisdom about end-of-life care that comes from experience and compassion. She remembers one patient, before she came to Hope Hospice, who called to tell her he wasn't feeling well. He asked her to come over to his house. She found him sitting on the edge of his bed. He died in her arms. "He didn't want to die alone," she said. "He wanted me to be there." Three more of her hospice patients passed away that same week. When she came to Hope Hospice last year, she came to us with a firm understanding of her job and how she could be of help. She cares for her patients tenderly, helping them bathe, applying lotion to their skin. "I give my patients better care than I give myself," she says with a smile. She also smiles when she mentions her fiancé, Gilbert Alejos. They've been together for 12 years and are getting married next month. Spending time with him, her 3 dogs, her 4 year old nephew who calls her "Tia", and with her mother, who is her best friend, brings her the greatest joy outside of work. Certainly, she brings great joy to her patients and to all of us at Hope Hospice. We look forward to her Angelic presence for a very long time. #WeAreFamily #HopeHospice ...

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PEACEFUL & CONTENT: Two words that describe KAREN LICKO, RN CARE MANAGER AND ADMISSIONS NURSE. October will mark 4 years that she has provided exemplary care and comfort to patients at Hope Hospice, a place she says she "fell in love with" after living and working elsewhere over the years. Her journey back into hospice care felt like coming home. When she was young, she thought she wanted to be a teacher. But, her mother and sister were both nurses, so she began her education at Howard College in Big Spring, her hometown, and became a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in 1997. Her boss encouraged her to take the next step to earn credentials as a Registered Nurse, which she did successfully, launching her into a lifetime of nursing. Working in hospice care first in Big Spring and then in Arizona, she then switched to the oncology floor at a Phoenix hospital. "I wanted to see what patients go through before some of them go on to hospice," she said. "It wasn't easy. The patients and I both learned that the quality of life is often more important than the quantity of time one has left." During those years in oncology, she would get calls from the family members of hospice patients she had cared for who told her what a difference she had made in their lives; what a gift she has. They urged her to go back to hospice. While waiting for that opportunity, she spent a year on the Medical Surgical floor of the hospital. "Everyone should work in a hospital at some point," she said. Now, as a cherished member of the Hope Hospice family, she is once again doing what she loves. "Whenever I've left hospice nursing, God always calls me back. It's the best field of nursing, in my opinion. My goal is to provide the care that provides a peaceful journey. I've been with a lot of people when they die. I've seen them leave this world with a smile on their face. I believe they are all going to a better place. I remember a young man who said that his mother was there waiting for him." People will ask Karen how she can do this kind of work. "You're either meant to do it, or not," she says. Now, living near her two sons and three grandchildren in Austin and with a husband she calls her "soul mate", she is truly happy. During breaks she enjoys going to Lake Mathis near Corpus Christi, where she likes to bar-b-q with friends. A true Texan, she's even been known to take off into the West Texas dirt in a four-wheel-drive jeep. Still, there is a gentleness about Karen; an awareness that she has found her right place in life. It takes a special soul to do what Karen Licko does so well every day. And every day we give thanks that she's here. #HopeHospice #WeAreFamily ...

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What a GREAT day at Hope Hospice as we gathered for a staff & board member photo. Lots of fun & laughter! Thank you, Callie Jacks, for volunteering to take the picture. (Was probably like herding cats. 😊) #HopeHospice #WeAreFamily ...

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Good Morning! Work continues on Hope's new community Bereavement Center today. 😊 ...

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