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Tue – Fri, 10 AM – 5 PM
Sat, 10 AM – 2 PM

Ample parking and convenient donation drop-off.

It made no difference the time of day or the Hospice Member, whether it was on the phone or in person. They all took the time and made a special effort to counsel, comfort and help all of us understand what was going on.

Executive Director Nickie Saunders addressing employees at our monthly staff meeting this morning -- A time when nurses, CNAs, chaplains, social workers, grief counselors & administrative staff all get together for learning & laughter...and breakfast! #WeAreFamily #HopeHospice ...

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Hope Hospice is proud to have been selected as a United Way grant recipient and to partner with others in supporting worthy non-profits in our area. ...

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Shop til you Drop! Hope Hospice Thrift Store. 613 N. Walnut Ave. in New Braunfels. $$ support patients. ...

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Sometimes, there are people you meet whose nature is so welcoming, so endearing, so comforting that you could sit and talk to them for hours. Such is the case with JOAN RIEDEL, BEREAVEMENT DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, whose career has been spent helping the young and the old. After graduating from Southwest Texas State University, she worked for several years as a social worker in long-term care facilities and at a hospital and 8 years with the child-advocacy organization Communities in Schools where she was both Program Coordinator Supervisor and a Project Director on an elementary school campus. But, it’s during her 7 years at Hope Hospice that her compassion for both the elderly and children has truly found a home. First, as one of our social workers, she met one-on-one with patients and families, helping them during their most vulnerable time to sort through the steps to initiate care; helping them manage legal forms such as Medical Powers of Attorney & Advanced Directives, and to understand their rights and privileges as hospice patients. While these emotional exchanges might be difficult for most people, Joan says “It was a privilege to be invited on the journey.” She always reassured patients and families that it is, indeed, THEIR journey. “I told them to think of it as a ship. You and your family are driving the ship and the hospice team is your crew. But, you are driving. You choose who is in the Captain’s Chair.” And she taught them that “hospice care is about quality of life for whatever time you have left with your loved ones. It’s not about dying, it’s about living.” Now, in her role in Hope’s Bereavement Department, hers is the first voice most people hear when they call about grief counseling. In a sense, she has experienced the Alpha and the Omega, from the beginning of care to the comfort needed by those left behind, including children. It’s hard to imagine a better person for that job. Meeting with so many who are hurting over the years has given Joan a particularly unique sensitivity about life and about suffering. “I appreciate life” she says. “I’ve learned that you don’t always know about the struggles of those around you. And I’ve learned that what you may think is your worst day, could be the best day for someone else whose pain is so much greater.” This wisdom and resiliency comes from many different areas and life experiences for Joan. As the youngest of six children growing up in San Antonio, she enjoyed a boisterous family… “and a lot of hand-me-downs.” Always cute and fashionable, she jokes that one of her “happy places” is the Hope Hospice Thrift Store, where she found a $100.00 Neiman Marcus top marked down to $5.00! She loves to shop and she loves shoes. Her husband, local business owner Nile Riedel, kindly expanded her closet to accommodate all of her purchases. Relaxing with Nile on his family ranch is one of her favorite things to do. Our favorite thing is seeing her beautiful, smiling face each day at Hope Hospice. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, give Joan a call. You will be glad you did. #WeAreFamily #HopeHospice ...

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It's a busy Monday morning as teams get together to make important plans & decisions. #PatientsAreNumberOne ...

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