January 5th, 2015 - Hope Chaplain John Campbell shares testimonial

Listen here or to KGNB/KNBT for Hope Hospice Chaplain John Campbell’s testimonial!

December 24th, 2013 - Local Businesses Spread Holiday Cheer to Hope Hospice Patients

New Braunfels, TX:  A Canyon Lake man is likely facing his last months of life and all he wants for Christmas is to spend time with his family. Mr. Myers’ children and grandchildren are all coming home for Christmas and he and his wife wanted this Christmas to be a very special one for the whole family.   Carol Irwin, owner of Buttermilk Café, and Mark Segovia, one of their lead chefs, are making sure of it. With all the food donated from the restaurant and Segovia volunteering his time to prepare and deliver the meal on Christmas day, the Myers family will be getting a real treat with a Christmas dinner for all twenty-one of them. This act of kindness enables the family to spend more time visiting with their husband, father and grandfather.

Hope Hospice has been experiencing many acts of kindness this season. Adobe Café and Sysco foods donated food and labor to the Hope Hospice Foundation Pearl Anniversary Gala, ensuring more funds raised would go straight to patient care. Home Instead, as they do annually, facilitated the adoption of a dozen Hope Hospice patients so those without friends and family nearby would get a Christmas gift.

Literally thousands of individuals, businesses and other organizations have made gifts of all sizes to the Hope Hospice Foundation this season. On behalf of families like the Myers, the Board, Staff and Volunteers extend their gratitude. Funds raised are used to support Hope’s programs and services, primarily the Children’s Grief Program and the Community Assistance Program that assists under- and un-insured patients, most of whom are working-age professionals whose illnesses caused them to lose their jobs and, therefore, their insurance.

Donations are accepted here. Be sure to donate by year’s end for 2013 tax credit.

October 25th, 2013 - Hope Hospice Commemorates National Hospice Month

New Braunfels, TX: Hope Hospice, a non-profit, community-owned hospice serving Bexar, Blanco, Caldwell, Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall, Travis and Wilson counties, joins hospices across the nation in recognizing National Hospice Month. Hope will be recognized for its work in the field of hospice care and the lives of local families at proclamations in city halls and county courts across this service area.

Facts about Hospice Care Everyone Should Know

Hospice isn’t a place. It’s a type of care that focuses on living… living as fully as possible, up until the end of life. Hospice brings comfort, love, and respect to the patients and families they care for.

Considered to be the model for high-quality, compassionate care in the last months of life, hospice care involves a team-oriented approach to care that includes expert medical care, pain-and-symptom management, and emotional and spiritual support. All care is expressly tailored to the patient’s needs and wishes.

Hospice offers the services and support that Americans want when coping with a serious or life-limiting illness. The goal of this type of care is to treat the person instead of the disease, and focus on the family caregivers, not just the individual.  The quality of life is emphasized, not its duration.

Just the Facts: National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization reports:

  • Hospice usage in the U.S. is growing. Every year, more than 1.65 million Americans with life-limiting illness are cared for by the nation’s 5,100 hospice providers.
  • The median length of service for hospice patients is 19.1 days (half of patients receive care for more days, half of patients receive care for fewer days).   Yet, more than 35 percent of patients die or are discharged in seven days or less – too short a time to benefit from the full ranges of services a hospice can offer.
  • Cancer accounts for less than 38 percent of hospice patients – which surprises many people who mistakenly think hospice only serves cancer patients. The five other leading diagnoses are: heart disease, debility, dementia (this includes Alzheimer’s disease), lung disease, and stroke.
  • Hospice is covered under Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance plans, HMOs and other managed care organizations.
  • An estimated 450,000 trained volunteers contribute more than 21 million hours of service every year.
  • Research shows that 8 out of 10 Americans would want to stay in their homes surrounded by family and loved ones if they were faced with a life-limiting illness. Hospice makes this happen.

For more information, contact Hope Hospice at (830) 625-7525 or (800) 499-7501.

It made no difference the time of day or the Hospice Member, whether it was on the phone or in person. They all took the time and made a special effort to counsel, comfort and help all of us understand what was going on.

PEACEFUL & CONTENT: Two words that describe KAREN LICKO, RN CARE MANAGER AND ADMISSIONS NURSE. October will mark 4 years that she has provided exemplary care and comfort to patients at Hope Hospice, a place she says she "fell in love with" after living and working elsewhere over the years. Her journey back into hospice care felt like coming home. When she was young, she thought she wanted to be a teacher. But, her mother and sister were both nurses, so she began her education at Howard College in Big Spring, her hometown, and became a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) in 1997. Her boss encouraged her to take the next step to earn credentials as a Registered Nurse, which she did successfully, launching her into a lifetime of nursing. Working in hospice care first in Big Spring and then in Arizona, she then switched to the oncology floor at a Phoenix hospital. "I wanted to see what patients go through before some of them go on to hospice," she said. "It wasn't easy. The patients and I both learned that the quality of life is often more important than the quantity of time one has left." During those years in oncology, she would get calls from the family members of hospice patients she had cared for who told her what a difference she had made in their lives; what a gift she has. They urged her to go back to hospice. While waiting for that opportunity, she spent a year on the Medical Surgical floor of the hospital. "Everyone should work in a hospital at some point," she said. Now, as a cherished member of the Hope Hospice family, she is once again doing what she loves. "Whenever I've left hospice nursing, God always calls me back. It's the best field of nursing, in my opinion. My goal is to provide the care that provides a peaceful journey. I've been with a lot of people when they die. I've seen them leave this world with a smile on their face. I believe they are all going to a better place. I remember a young man who said that his mother was there waiting for him." People will ask Karen how she can do this kind of work. "You're either meant to do it, or not," she says. Now, living near her two sons and three grandchildren in Austin and with a husband she calls her "soul mate", she is truly happy. During breaks she enjoys going to Lake Mathis near Corpus Christi, where she likes to bar-b-q with friends. A true Texan, she's even been known to take off into the West Texas dirt in a four-wheel-drive jeep. Still, there is a gentleness about Karen; an awareness that she has found her right place in life. It takes a special soul to do what Karen Licko does so well every day. And every day we give thanks that she's here. #HopeHospice #WeAreFamily ...

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What a GREAT day at Hope Hospice as we gathered for a staff & board member photo. Lots of fun & laughter! Thank you, Callie Jacks, for volunteering to take the picture. (Was probably like herding cats. 😊) #HopeHospice #WeAreFamily ...

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Good Morning! Work continues on Hope's new community Bereavement Center today. 😊 ...

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THANK YOU! To SAINTS PETER & PAUL CHURCH VOLUNTEERS who worked all weekend long to make our headquarters more beautiful! 😇 ❤️ ...

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It's a busy morning as one of our interdisciplinary teams meets to discuss their patients' conditions & needs. Nurses, social workers, chaplains & physicians meet regularly to ensure coordinated, compassionate, professional care. ...

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