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What is Hope Hospice?

At Hope Hospice we believe that hospice is a choice for patients who have a life limiting illness and have decided it is time to focus on the quality of their lives. We take a compassionate, patient centered approach to providing holistic care – physical, emotional and spiritual – for our patients and their families. Hope recognizes that every person’s experience will be different so our hospice team creates a plan of care according to the individual needs and wishes of each patient. Our care emphasizes alleviating pain, enhancing quality of life and helping to make each day as full as possible.

When to Call

Deciding if hospice care is right for you or your family is a very difficult and personal decision.  For some, they reach a certain point when the burdens of a treatment outweigh the benefits.  For others, caring for a loved one facing the end of life has become too stressful and support, guidance and expertise is essential.

Regardless of your reason, here are some subtle signs that may indicate that hospice care is right for you or your family member:
 Multiple hospitalizations/ER visits
Recurrent infections
Increased shortness of breath
Several falls over a 6 month period
Unintentional weight loss or weight gain
Difficulty with basic daily activities
Spending more time in bed
Early warning signs don’t always mean you need hospice but they do suggest talking to your doctor. Preparing and learning more about hospice care can truly benefit patients’ families as their conditions progress.
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What To Expect

Under the direction of our expert physicians, our compassionate and highly skilled staff of nurses, social workers, chaplains, professional adult and children’s grief counselors, certified nursing assistants and volunteers work as a team to take care of the mind, body and soul of our patients. In addition, we provide comprehensive therapies, supplies, equipment and hospice medications to ensure every need of our patient is met.

Covered Services:

RN Routine Visits & 24/7 RN On Call Service
Our Registered Nurses (RNs) provide in home visits to maintain our patients’ comfort and provide families with the proper instruction and the support needed to care for their loved ones at home. Additionally, our On Call services give families peace of mind that an RN is available at all times.



medsPrescription Medications Related to Hospice Diagnosis
Our services include medications for pain and symptom management that are related to the hospice diagnosis.




wheel-chairMedical Equipment and Supplies
We provide and deliver all of the equipment and supplies needed to assist with patient care, such as hospital beds, oxygen, wheelchairs, shower chairs, incontinence and wound care supplies and nutritional supplements as they relate to the hospice diagnosis.



Certified Nursing Assistants
Our compassionate Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) assist patients with all personal care needs in a dignified and respectful manner.




grief-supportGrief Support for Adults and Children
Customized grief programs provided by counselors and open to anyone in the community. Designed to meet individualized needs, including one on one counseling, group sessions, family nights, potluck socials and family grief camps.




social worker picturePhysical, Emotional & Spiritual Support
Our social workers are available to assist with advanced care planning and to connect families with community resources. Our chaplains provide spiritual support and help families with questions and concerns at the end of life.




Companionship Visits provided by Hospice Volunteers
Our experienced and specially trained volunteers provide companionship and general support to our patients and families.



11th Hour Services Provided by Hospice Volunteersphysical-support
When a patient is in the very final phases of life and geography or anything else gets in the way of you being with your loved one, our volunteers are available around the clock to ensure no one dies alone.


respiteRespite and Continuous Care Available for Qualified Patients
In addition to routine home care, the hospice benefit covers:
Respite Care provides up to 5 days of care in a facility to give caregivers relief from the stressors of caring for a loved one.
Continuous Care provides intermittent care of up to 24 hours during periods of a crisis for management of complex medical and emotional symptoms.

How is it paid for?

Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and the majority of private insurances.  Families can also choose to private pay for our services.  However, through tremendous community support and generosity, Hope Hospice has created a Community Assistance Program to assist those in need of financial assistance.  This unique program is designed to ensure no one is turned away because of ability to pay and that everyone has access to a dignified end of life journey free from financial burdens and stress.